Rock n Rolling through 2014

Hey all,

Sorry no updates in awhile – been a bit crazy and although many of you know I’m tied to Facebook round the clock I don’t always get up to writing stuff for the band’s site. So here goes. This year is flying but Six to Eight has been rocking a lot in our new home in Bergen. Been meeting some really great people and we rocked Dingbatz in June with some great bands who are always a blast to play with.

It was great to hit the stage again. We really missed it and we used every second of the quick 30 minute set to bust out our tunes in our usual fast and furious way. Thanks to mystery drummer – Dan Peacock- for taking the reins behind the drum kit.

Next up is the Clash Bar

We are returning to one of our favorite spots in Clifton, NJ Sept. 13 in celebration of our good friend Ron Nole of the Accelerators birthday. It’s kinda my (Alana) unofficial b’day show too so come on and party with us – it’s lead singer birthday night!

More details on that soon but it’s a freakin’ sweet line-up: The Catholic Girls, Dysfunctional Youth, Six to Eight, Paul Mauled and the Defendents and the Accelerators.

‘Til then rock on!!!

Much love and rock,
Alana, Ali, MaryBeth

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