Listen to us on WTSR 91.3

Our awesome pal, the great Anthony Bessel of Anthony’s Awesome Garage on WTSR 91.3FM had us on his show on Jan. 14th and we had  blast chatting about our new album Shut Up, songwriting, recording and just rock n’ roll. Visit our Bandcamp page to get the full interview WTSR image

Rockin’ The Clash Bar

These past few weeks have a been a blast!! We  played the Wonder Bar as part of the kick-ass Asbury Park Punk Rock Flea Market. (Check out the write-up on the APPRFM via Breaker zone here –

Then we played another awesome DIY Radio Showcase at the Clash Bar in Clifton, NJ. Here’s some video:

Everybody Hates You (Shut Up)

The next month has us busy working on new music but we will be announcing shows soon.

We’re back!

13165835_574492576044075_6447061733477568276_nBeen a helluva ride this past year but we never stopped rock n’ rolling behind the scenes.  No brain tumor or vocal polyp was gonna quiet us down for too long that’s for sure. For those not in the know, Alana had to have brain surgery last August to remove a rare benign tumor known as an acoustic neuroma. The tumor threatens the hearing, balance and facial nerves. Thankfully she  was left with little issues except for full hearing loss on her left side. . but the real trouble did not start until Alana found a throat polyp had developed on her vocal cords from the intubation during the 7-hour brain surgery. Surgery on her throat in early 2016 proved successful and now the band is back to gigging. First stop June 24th at the Clash Bar in Clifton, NJ

Check out the interview our pal Don did with us by clicking here.



Takin’ a Ride

We like the Replacements .   .we heard you might too.   so watch

Thanks to our pal Mike “Moe” Scudillo of Six Dime Jam for this awesome video

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We Have a New Drummer!


Hey gang! Join us in welcoming Dan Peacock – our new drummer!!

Dan’s been part of the Six to Eight family for a long time and we are happy to have him rockin with us. Dan, who is also the current drummer for Atomic Disasters and Hambone and Friends) is formerly of Brine and Bastards and Thee Bishops.

He makes his official debut in the coming weeks. We are playing with our friends The Heshers and the Von Ghouls at Olive’s in Nyack, NY on 8/23 and then at our fave hometurf The Clash Bar in Clifton, NJ on 9/13.

Rock n Rolling through 2014

Hey all,

Sorry no updates in awhile – been a bit crazy and although many of you know I’m tied to Facebook round the clock I don’t always get up to writing stuff for the band’s site. So here goes. This year is flying but Six to Eight has been rocking a lot in our new home in Bergen. Been meeting some really great people and we rocked Dingbatz in June with some great bands who are always a blast to play with.

It was great to hit the stage again. We really missed it and we used every second of the quick 30 minute set to bust out our tunes in our usual fast and furious way. Thanks to mystery drummer – Dan Peacock- for taking the reins behind the drum kit.

Next up is the Clash Bar

We are returning to one of our favorite spots in Clifton, NJ Sept. 13 in celebration of our good friend Ron Nole of the Accelerators birthday. It’s kinda my (Alana) unofficial b’day show too so come on and party with us – it’s lead singer birthday night!

More details on that soon but it’s a freakin’ sweet line-up: The Catholic Girls, Dysfunctional Youth, Six to Eight, Paul Mauled and the Defendents and the Accelerators.

‘Til then rock on!!!

Much love and rock,
Alana, Ali, MaryBeth


Our longtime drummer, a founding member, Mike Random is leaving us this week. We wish him well in his future as he moves out of state. He’s been a loyal, dedicated member of our band for 14 years. We’ll miss him much but the Six to Eight rockin will go on! We have a gig June 21st at Dingbatz in Clifton we are gearing up for and meantime will be looking out to audition new drummers. More on that soon. 

Much love and rock
Xo xo xo 
– Six To Eight